5.536B in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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In Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, China, Korea (Rep. of), Denmark, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, India, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Oman, Uganda, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, the Syrian Arab Republic, Dem. People’s Rep. of Korea, Slovakia, the Czech Rep., Romania, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Slovenia, Sudan, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, Viet Nam and Zimbabwe, earth stations operating in the Earth exploration-satellite service in the frequency band 25.5-27 GHz shall not claim protection from, or constrain the use and deployment of, stations of the fixed and mobile services. Resolution 242 (WRC-19) applies.     (WRC-19)