5.523A in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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The use of the bands 18.8-19.3 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 28.6-29.1 GHz (Earth-to-space) by geostationary and non-geostationary fixed-satellite service networks is subject to the application of the provisions of No. 9.11A and No. 22.2 does not apply. Administrations having geostationary-satellite networks under coordination prior to 18 November 1995 shall cooperate to the maximum extent possible to coordinate pursuant to No. 9.11A with non-geostationary-satellite networks for which notification information has been received by the Bureau prior to that date, with a view to reaching results acceptable to all the parties concerned. Non-geostationary-satellite networks shall not cause unacceptable interference to geostationary fixed-satellite service networks for which complete Appendix 4 notification information is considered as having been received by the Bureau prior to 18 November 1995. (WRC-97)