5.502 in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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In the band 13.75-14 GHz, an earth station of a geostationary fixed-satellite service network shall have a minimum antenna diameter of 1.2 m and an earth station of a non-geostationary fixed-satellite service system shall have a minimum antenna diameter of 4.5 m. In addition, the e.i.r.p., averaged over one second, radiated by a station in the radiolocation or radionavigation services shall not exceed 59 dBW for elevation angles above 2° and 65 dBW at lower angles. Before an administration brings into use an earth station in a geostationary-satellite network in the fixed-satellite service in this band with an antenna diameter smaller than 4.5 m, it shall ensure that the power flux density produced by this earth station does not exceed:
–115 dB(W/(m2 · 10 MHz)) for more than 1% of the time produced at 36 m above sea level at the low water mark, as officially recognized by the coastal State;
–115 dB(W/(m2 · 10 MHz)) for more than 1% of the time produced 3 m above ground at the border of the territory of an administration deploying or planning to deploy land mobile radars in this band, unless prior agreement has been obtained. For earth stations within the fixed-satellite service having an antenna diameter greater than or equal to 4.5 m, the e.i.r.p. of any emission should be at least 68 dBW and should not exceed 85 dBW. (WRC-03)