5.372 in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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Harmful interference shall not be caused to stations of the radio astronomy service using the frequency band 1 610.6-1 613.8 MHz by stations of the radiodetermination-satellite and mobile-satellite services (No. 29.13 applies). The equivalent power flux-density (epfd) produced in the frequency band 1 610.6-1 613.8 MHz by all space stations of a non-geostationary-satellite system in the mobile-satellite service (space-to-Earth) operating in frequency band 1 613.8-1 626.5 MHz shall be in compliance with the protection criteria provided in Recommendations ITU-R RA.769-2 and ITU-R RA.1513-2, using the methodology given in Recommendation ITU-R M.1583-1, and the radio astronomy antenna pattern described in Recommendation ITU-R RA.1631-0.     (WRC-19)