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5.348A in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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In the band 1 518-1 525 MHz, the coordination threshold in terms of the power flux-density levels at the surface of the Earth in application of No. 9.11A for space stations in the mobile-satellite (space-to-Earth) service, with respect to the land mobile service use for specialized mobile radios or used in conjunction with public switched telecommunication networks (PSTN) operating within the territory of Japan, shall be –150 dB(W/m2) in any 4 kHz band for all angles of arrival, instead of those given in Table 5-2 of Appendix 5. In the band 1 518-1 525 MHz stations in the mobile-satellite service shall not claim protection from stations in the mobile service in the territory of Japan. No. 5.43A does not apply. (WRC-03)