5.268 in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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Use of the band 410-420 MHz by the space research service is limited to communications within 5 km of an orbiting, manned space vehicle. The power flux-density at the surface of the Earth produced by emissions from extra-vehicular activities shall not exceed –153 dB(W/m2) for 0° = d = 5°, -153 + 0.077 (d – 5) dB(W/m2) for 5° = d = 70° and –148 dB(W/m2) for 70° = d = 90°, where d is the angle of arrival of the radio-frequency wave and the reference bandwidth is 4 kHz. No. 4.10 does not apply to extra-vehicular activities. In this frequency band the space research (space-to-space) service shall not claim protection from, nor constrain the use and development of, stations of the fixed and mobile services. (WRC-97)