5.564A in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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For the operation of fixed and land mobile service applications in frequency bands in the range 275-450 GHz: 

The frequency bands 275-296 GHz, 306-313 GHz, 318-333 GHz and 356-450 GHz are identified for use by administrations for the implementation of land mobile and fixed service applications, where no specific conditions are necessary to protect Earth exploration-satellite service (passive) applications. 

The frequency bands 296-306 GHz, 313-318 GHz and 333-356 GHz may only be used by fixed and land mobile service applications when specific conditions to ensure the protection of Earth exploration-satellite service (passive) applications are determined in accordance with Resolution 731 (Rev.WRC-19).

In those portions of the frequency range 275-450 GHz where radio astronomy applications are used, specific conditions (e.g. minimum separation distances and/or avoidance angles) may be necessary to ensure protection of radio astronomy sites from land mobile and/or fixed service applications, on a case-by-case basis in accordance with Resolution 731 (Rev.WRC-19).

The use of the above-mentioned frequency bands by land mobile and fixed service applications does not preclude use by, and does not establish priority over, any other applications of radio services in the range of 275-450 GHz.      (WRC-19)