5.550D in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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The allocation to the fixed service in the frequency band 38-39.5 GHz is identified for worldwide use by administrations wishing to implement high-altitude platform stations (HAPS). In the HAPS-to-ground direction, the HAPS ground station shall not claim protection from stations in the fixed, mobile and fixed-satellite services; and No. 5.43A does not apply. This identification does not preclude the use of this frequency band by other fixed-service applications or by other services to which this frequency band is allocated on a co-primary basis and does not establish priority in the Radio Regulations. Furthermore, the development of the fixed-satellite, fixed and mobile services shall not be unduly constrained by HAPS. Such use of the fixed-service allocation by HAPS shall be in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 168 (WRC-19).     (WRC-19)