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5.218A in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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The frequency band 148-149.9 MHz in the space operation service (Earth-to-space) may be used by non-geostationary-satellite systems with short-duration missions. Non-geostationary-satellite systems in the space operation service used for a short-duration mission in accordance with Resolution 32 (WRC-19) of the Radio Regulations are not subject to agreement under No. 9.21. At the stage of coordination, the provisions of Nos. 9.17 and 9.18 also apply. In the frequency band 148-149.9 MHz, non-geostationary-satellite systems with short-duration missions shall not cause unacceptable interference to, or claim protection from, existing primary services within this frequency band, or impose additional constraints on the space operation and mobile-satellite services. In addition, earth stations in non-geostationary-satellite systems in the space operation service with short-duration missions in the frequency band 148-149.9 MHz shall ensure that the power flux-density does not exceed −149 dBW/(m2. 4 kHz)) for more than 1% of time at the border of the territory of the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Korea (Rep. of), Cuba, Russian Federation, India, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand and Viet Nam. In case this power flux-density limit is exceeded, agreement under No. 9.21 is required to be obtained from countries mentioned in this footnote.    (WRC-19)