5.166A in the Radio Frequency Table Allocation of Ireland.

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Different category of service:  in Austria, Cyprus, the Vatican, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Slovenia, the frequency band 50.0-50.5 MHz is allocated to the amateur service on a primary basis. Stations in the amateur service in these countries shall not cause harmful interference to, or claim protection from, stations of the broadcasting, fixed and mobile services operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations in the frequency band 50.0-50.5 MHz in the countries not listed in this provision. For a station of these services, the protection criteria in No. 5.169B shall also apply. In Region 1, with the exception of those countries listed in No. 5.169, wind profiler radars operating in the radiolocation service under No. 5.162A are authorized to operate on the basis of equality with stations in the amateur service in the frequency band 50.0-50.5 MHz.     (WRC-19)